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The Call to Action asks for a survivor driven, independent panel to document the problems in the United Nations concerning sexual aggression and plan the work needed to address these.

The United Nations Secretary-General’s spokesperson, Mr Stephane Dujarric, was asked by the BBC if the UN is dealing with cultural problems. He responded: “we are looking at the problem of male dominated culture head on and Antonio Guterres has done everything that he can in his power to try change that culture in the UN”

If the SG has done all that he can then that strengthens even further the case for an external panel.

lndividuals, survivors, practitioners, lawyers, activists, academics, policy makers, organisations, human rights defenders, current or former UN workers…all are welcome to join the call! We will make the list of names public so please let us know if you prefer to remain anonymous. Please join the call by using the form below, thank you.

Names of those who have joined the call can be found here.

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