Supporters of the Call to Action

This page will be updated periodically, with appreciation for everyone who lends their support.

Ann Noel, Co-Director, Gender Harassment/Violence Working Group, Berkeley Center on Comparative Equality and Anti-Discrimination Law; Noel Workplace Consulting

David Oppenheimer, Clinical Professor of Law, Director, Berkeley Center on Comparative Equality & Anti-Discrimination Law, Faculty Co-Director, Pro Bono Program, Berkeley Law

Luísa Winter Pereira, Investigadora Predoctoral FPI, Departamento de Derecho Constitucional
Universidad de Sevilla

Dra. Bárbara Sordi Stock
Departamento de Derecho Penal y Criminología, Universidad de Sevilla

Blanca Rodríguez-Ruiz, Associate Professor of Constitutional Law, University of Seville – Campus Ramón y Cajal, C/ Enramadilla 18-20, 41018 Sevilla (Spain)

ruth m. mestre i mestre, Faculty of Law, University of Valencia, Spain

Amparo Bonilla-Campos, Professor of Psychology at the University of Valencia (Spain)

Women’s Studies Institute (UV)

Fionna Smyth Head of Global Advocacy Policy – Christian Aid

Jo Lovett, Senior Research Fellow, Child and Woman Abuse Studies Unit (CWASU), School of Social Sciences, Room TM1-82

Professor Liz Kelly, Child and Woman Abuse Studies Unit, London Metropolitan University

Dr Shreya Atreya, Associate Professor in International Human Rights Law, University of Oxford
Department for Continuing Education | Faculty of Law | Bonavero Institute of Human Rights | Kellogg College

Dr Nicola Sharp-Jeffs, CEO, Surviving Economic Abuse (SEA)/Emeritus Research Fellow, CWASU

Dr Maria Garner, Research Fellow, Child and Woman Abuse Studies Unit, School of Social Sciences and Professions, London Metropolitan University

Dr Fiona Vera-Gray, Reader, The Child and Woman Abuse Studies Unit, School of Social Sciences 
London Metropolitan University

Graham Towl, Associate PVC and Professor of Forensic Psychology, Durham University. Former Chief Psychologist, Ministry of Justice.

Africa End Sexual Harassment Initiative

Anisha Rajapaksha, Sri Lanka

Ines Smyth, Independent consultant

Jarvis Matiya, Deputy Secretary General, Commonwealth Parliamentary Association and formerly Special Advisor, Policy Division, UN Women

Michael Jacobs, Professor of Political Economy, University of Sheffield

Tony Fernandes, UK

Nicole Westmarland, Professor of Criminology and Director, Durham University Centre for Research into Violence and Abuse

Felicity Jones, Felicity Jones, Founder and Director Thinking Philanthropy

Mahmood Mamdani, Herbert Lehman Professor of Government, Columbia University, NYC

Edna Aquino, Seniors on the Move, Philippines

Heather Tasker, PhD researcher on sexual exploitation and abuse, York University

Mary-Ann Stephenson, Director, UK Women’s Budget Group

Vivienne Hayes MBE, CEO, Women’s Resource Centre

Dr Annette Lawson OBE, Ambassador National Alliance of Women’s Organisations UK, Chair The Judith Trust

Diane Martin CBE, Chair or A Model for Scotland  and Survivor of Sex Trafficking

Priyanka Chirimar, Action Against Prohibited Conduct and NanShe

Helen Mott PhD, Specialist in Prevention of Sexual Harassment

Dr Jane Meyrick, Sexual Health/Violence researcher  

Lucy Hall

Lauren Burrows, UK

Teia Rogers, UK

Ania Gaboune, Oxfam UK

Dina Deligiorgis, former UN staff, USA

Equality Now, an international human rights organization with UN ECOSOC status working to achieve legal and systemic change that addresses violence and discrimination against all women and girls around the world

Rosario Grima Algora, Spain/UK

Monica Mukerjee, Survivor, NANSHE, and Decolonise MSF organizer

Danya Chaikel, The Netherlands

Leslie Dalton, Reston

Megan Walker, Canada

Suzette Cullen, Canada

Name withheld

Name withheld, Hungary

Name withheld, Crestview

Janet Sesaki, California USA

Sibyl Frei, British Colombia Canada

Gunilla Ekberg, Sweden

Andrea Heinz, Alberta Canada

Trish Oliver, Victoria

Nathalie Meurens, Brussels

Linda Barasa, Nairobi Kenya

Tiffany Buell

Alesha Hansen, USA

Name withheld, South Africa

Cassie Lawrence, UK Name witheld, Wales

Antoinette Bonsignore, Kirkland

Maureen North, Shortsville

Name withheld, Mexico, current or former UN worker

Lynne Tooze, London

Anne-Julie Cloux, London

Name withheld, Spain, Current or former UN worker

Name withheld

Alice Lowe

Name withheld, UK

Chelsea Wouts

Lar Mullally

Eunice Phillip, Cork, Ireland

Jessica Burt, London

Alexa Parnetta

Name withheld, Ireland

Name withheld, Montreal

Name withheld, Germany

Sonia Vanhee, France

Name withheld, Turkey, current or former UN staff

Rosemary James, Current or former UN worker, England

Andrea Balart, France, current or former UN worker

Katie Marino, England

Name withheld, UK

Ann-Sofie Nystrom, current or former UN worker

Name Withheld, Rome, Italy,

Name withheld, Sheffield UK

Lea Kulinowski

Kate Lewis

Nazra for Feminist Studies, MENA

Sadhana Manik

Roli Degazon-Johnson

Carolin Alverman, Current or former UN worker

Muskan Yadav, current or former UN worker

Kelly Strunk, current/ former UN Staff

Louise Godbold

Joanna Sandler, current or former UN staff, USA

Leila Billing, UK

Hannah Bloom, UK

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