This is me: I play my part in collective efforts to make the world a better place, especially for women and girls. I aim to listen, learn and act.

Like many others, I make good trouble.

Over forty years of employment, and previously at school, I have found comfort in speaking and acting against what doesn’t feel ok and, inevitably, dealing with the consequences of doing so. 

On this site you will find some of my publications, some musings on what’s going on in the world or actions I’m involved in or to which you are invited. 

I have learnt, at some cost, the importance of self care, especially for those involved in upsetting, distressing or traumatising work. I will occasionally share items or thoughts on things that make me smile.

Currently I am a Visiting Professor at the Child and Woman Abuse Unit at LMU where I run a webinar series on ending violence against women. Please join us for these discussions!

I am also Special Advisor on working climate to the Prosecutor at the International Criminal Court. 

My recent reflections on sexual aggression in or associated with the United Nations can be seen here. 

In previous lives I have:   

  • held the post of Executive Co-ordinator on Addressing Sexual Harassment and other forms of Discrimination at UN Women 
  • been the Director of Policy at UN Women
  • set up the Programme for African Leadership and the research/visiting programme on women’s access to leadership ‘Above the Parapet’, both at the London School of Economics
  • headed the human rights work of the Commonwealth Secretariat
  • been Director of the Asia-Pacific Programme at Amnesty International
  • held the role of Domestic Violence Co-ordinator for the London Borough of Camden
  • taught for many years in higher, adult and further education
  • published, agitated, marched and organised on a variety of rights concerns
  • worked with many NGOs and INGOs promoting and protecting the rights of eg women, girls, refugees, LGBT people. 

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